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Air Condition Repair

How does an air conditioner in a car work?

Your vehicle’s air conditioner has two main functions: cooling air entering the vehicle and removing moisture from the air, so you feel comfortable inside the vehicle. The air conditioning system consists of the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the expansion valve, as well as an accumulator. We recommend you contact Bending Wrenches if you feel your vehicle’s air conditioning needs repair.

 An air conditioning system uses a pressurized gas referred to as a refrigerant. In the compressor system, the refrigerant is compressed into a high-pressure state that causes it to liquefy. As the liquid moves to the condenser, it comes into contact with fresh air that is outside of the automobile, which absorbs heat from the liquid. It then passes through the expansion valve, where it becomes gaseous in the a/c system. It flows into the accumulator, which moves the unwanted moisture and impurities and allows the refrigerant to travel into the evaporator.

 This new refrigerant is capable of absorbing heat from the air that passes through the evaporator fins and leaving behind cooler air. It is these cooler and dryer air that the fans blow into the vehicle. 

Typical Auto air conditioner Service 

The heating and air conditioning systems are inspected thoroughly for:

  •  Inspection of the blower motor and the interior of the system

  •  Ensure coolant levels, hoses, pressure caps, and thermostats are in good shape

  •  Checking the compressor belt

  •  looking for holes and other damages.

  •  Performing a cooling system pressure test.

  •  Verifying that the AC pressure meets the producer’s specifications

  •  Checking for refrigerant leaks

  •  Checking the interior vent air temperature

Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

With constant use and age, the car’s air conditioning system wears out and becomes damaged. You should consider repairing and servicing the unit if it fails to provide the right temperature for your needs. You should check your car’s air conditioning whenever you observe these signs.

Poor airflow

Blows hot air

Strange noise when A/C turns on

There is a bad odor coming from the unit

Refrigerant Leaks

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